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Cashback up to 5%

(buying in installments, we will refund up to 5% of the total cost of the object)

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    Cashback up to 5% (buying in installments, we will refund up to 5% of the total cost of the object)
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    We are the first to learn about new projects
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    Thanks to us, you buy real estate cheaper than directly from the developer
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    We will help not only to buy an object profitably, but also to get into the plus!
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    We are completely honest with each client
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    We will select a property specifically for you

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We are building with the largest hotel brand in the world — Wyndham Hotels& Resorts

We cooperate with the largest management company in the world — Aimbridge Hospitality

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Aimbridge Hospitality is a world leader in hotel business management

More than 1500

LUXURY hotels in 23 countries

More than 60 years

experience and impeccable reputation

Insurance for your investments

If you decide to part with the residences, we can buy the property at your desire at an increased price, without doubt and unnecessary questions.
We will assist in the sale on the secondary market at the maximum market price.
The company will not only return the amount spent on the purchase, but also pay extra due to the capitalization of the object.

Investments in Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Investing in a Wyndham Hotels & Resorts product means that you become not just the owner of a property with excellent and unique infrastructure, but a co-owner of a business with a 40-year successful history.

  • In 2022 alone, Wyndham's revenue was $1 billion 354 million, and its profit was $661 million.
  • In 2021, revenue was $1 billion 245 million, and profit was $880 million.
  • If we take the figures before the pandemic, then in 2019 the revenue amounted to $2 billion 53 million, and the profit was $982 million.
  • $1 BILLION 354 MLN
    total revenue for just 2022
  • $661 MLN
    gross profit
  • $430 MLN
    operating expenses
  • $299 MLN
    net profit


We create only products with fast capitalization and high investment attractiveness.
  • +9,8%
    Georgia's GDP growth for 2022
  • +183%
    income from tourism in Georgia for 2022
  • +285%
    the growth of demand for real estate in Batumi in 2021-2022.
  • +150%
    capitalization of real estate in the Village for 3.5 years

Branded residences

  • Projects()

Wyndham Grand Residences Batumi Gonio. Family Club

A low-rise family complex, which is filled to the smallest detail with care for children and their parents. A children's park, an animation center, medical and sanatorium services, a 24-hour babysitter and much more for a luxurious holiday and a long stay on the territory of the complex.

Wyndham Grand Residences Batumi Gonio. Aqua

A twenty-storey hotel with sanatorium functions, an aqua zone and a panoramic restaurant on the roof.The hotel is part of the first complex in Georgia with All Inclusive services and the largest infrastructure (90 objects per 15,000 m2), which makes the complex attractive to tourists all year round, regardless of the season.

Wyndham Grand Residences Batumi Gonio. Riviera

Luxury townhouses with panoramic sea views. 3 floors, 3 spacious bedrooms, a terrace, a territory with a private recreation area and parking. In combination with All Inclusive services and infrastructure, the investor gets an ideal place to stay for the most solvent tenants.


Georgia's first All Inclusive resort under the luxury brand Wyndham Grand Residences from the global hotel leader Wyndham Hotels & Resorts under the management of the world's leading hotel operator Aimbridge Hospitality.

A hotel complex of four five-star hotels with exclusive infrastructure (90 objects per 15,000 m2) and premium service of international standard.This is a unique opportunity for investment and recreation.

  • MORE THAN 9300
    hotels implemented worldwide
    have Wyndham networks
  • 100 MLN
    regular customers


A construction holding that specializes in luxury real estate in the prestigious area of Batumi — Gonio-Kvariati. European Village LLC is recognized by Forbes as the leader of the region in terms of quality and investment attractiveness, is among the top 10 best Georgian brands.

We build only products with fast capitalization and high investment attractiveness. We create the concept of the best real estate and bring it to life for you.


To date, European Village LLC is implementing the largest complex in Batumi of four hotels from the international network Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. This is the first project in Georgia in which All Inclusive services and the largest choice of infrastructure will be available: 90 objects on 15,000 m2.

  • The most prestigious brand in the Wyndham collection is only 70 hotels in the world.
  • An ecologically clean area with the cleanest water area in the region.
  • Rich and developed infrastructure of 90 objects.
  • Income is 13-18% per year.There is only liquid real estate here.

Financial expenses and profitability

We create products only with fast capitalization and high investment attractiveness.

  • 13-18%
    Real annual income
  • 5-7%
    Guaranteed annual income
  • from 30%
    Capitalization per year
  • Guaranteed income
  • High capitalization of projects
  • Repurchase at increased cost


Interest-free installments from the developer are available to all customers.

30% First installment

Terms of purchase:

  • 1
    100% payment
  • 2
    Interest-free installments with a down payment of 30% and more
  • 3
    Payment is possible:
    • SWIFT transfer to the developer's account
    • Cash deposit to the account of the developer in Georgia
    • Payment in USDT cryptocurrency
    • Alternative ways of payment for Russian clients (check with your manager).

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